Face to Face

Tri-Lateral project 2014

This post is also available in: Hebrew


On April we went to Germany and Poland, 10 teenagers and two adults. In our stay in Europe we learned about “Discrimination in Education” during the Nazi era and today, we stayed in Magdeburg and Strzegom, we visited Berlin and Wroclaw.


Apart from that we had fun, we laughed, we met new people and stayed in their homes, we celebrated Easter in Poland, we had tours and we even did some shopping.

During our stay we visited Auschwitz and Birkenau and we met a Holocaust survivor who told us his story, and in the end of our visit to the camp we had a small ceremony.


Within six weeks we will host the German and Polish groups in Israel, we will tour Israel, we’ll learn we’ll meet people and hear a testimony, we’ll climb to Masada and visit Jerusalem