Tri-Lateral project 2014


On April we went to Germany and Poland, 10 teenagers and two adults. In our stay in Europe we learned about “Discrimination in Education” during the Nazi era and today, we stayed in Magdeburg and Strzegom, we visited Berlin and Wroclaw.


Tri-Lateral Project 2009

Our subject in the 2009 Tri-Lateral project was Resistance.


Hilla – Remscheid 2013

In April we hosted a group from Remscheid – we took a hike to the Chziv and bathed in the crick, we went to the grottoes in Rosh Hanikra, we visited the Ghetto Fighter’s Museum, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.



Tri-Lateral Project 2011 – 2012

We had little time to get organized and meet before we traveled to Europe, but the meeting with the other groups was great.



Hilla – Alfter 2009

On 2008 we were matched with ShprachenLaden, an educational organization from Alfter, a bit north to Cologne. With Lucie Ringhausen, the head of the organization, we created a program for the encounter on both sides, Germany and Israel.