About Us

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Face to Face is an Israeli NGO (reg. no. 580520476) who was established in order to initiate and operate youth-exchange projects between Israeli, German and Polish youth groups. The basic premise is that meeting the “Other”, any “other”, has an intrinsic educational value. The encounter between Israeli, German and Polish youth is, naturally, more difficult because of the joint history, but these difficulties also create opportunities to a meaningful experience.

The encounter allows us not only to get to know the different culture and way of life, but it also opens the opportunity to learn history in a deeper, more diverse way, and to understand the different views and conciseness of those who are “on the other side” of the historical event of the Holocaust. We believe that the Holocaust had influenced all parts of life in these three societies, and that we need to understand those effects and consequences in order to be more aware to our identity, our lives today and our joint future.

Apart from all that, we believe that youth exchanges should be fun, should include the opportunity to just get to know each other in a non-formal, un-structured way, through spending free time together.

Our Team

Yair Rubin


Lives in Hilla, father of two, teacher and educator. Founder of the NGO, heads the daily activity, head group leader.

Dorit Levi


Lives in Hilla, mother of three, a psychologist. One of the group leaders of the NGO groups, contributed a lot to the content of the preparation process and the group facilitation in the NGO.

Ami Catvan


Lives in Hilla, father of two, born in Germany. A tour guide, helps the NGO in guiding in the German Language and in connection with guests from abroad.


Bentzi Elisha


Lives in Hilla, father of three, a salesman by profession. Two of his daughters participated in a youth exchange project with Germany.

Mor Tarazi


Lives in Hilla, was the Chairman of the Lcal Municipality and is a member in the regional Municipality.

Sagee Levi


Lives in Hilla, father of three, the owner of Gateway to Israel – Tour Guides Portal,


Sigal Lavan


The Social projects coordinator of the “Gvanim” highschool in Ein-Shemer, in the regional council Menashe. Was an active partner in one of the Tri-Lateral project in 2010.

Gili Arad


Lives in Hilla, mother of two, a translator by profession. One of the founders of the NGO, helps in translating and editing the content of the website.